LifeLIFE is the instrument of financial support for the environmental policies of the European Union.

LIFE programme, started in 1992, was developed through 4 phases: LIFE I (1992-1995), LIFE II (1996-1999), LIFE III (2000-2006), LIFE + (2007-2013).

The current phase of the program, which covers the period 2014-2020, is disciplined by the LIFE regulation for the environment and the action for climate, that continues and reinforces the former LIFE+ programme, with a new line of intervention to address the new environmental scenarios related to climate change.

Some of the new LIFE programme general objectives:

  • contributing to the implementation and development of the European Union policy and legislation concerning environment and climate
  • promoting and disseminating the best solutions and practices to reach the environmental and climate objectives
  • encouraging innovative technologies concerning environment and climate change


The programme is divided in two sub-programmes:

  • The Sub-programme for Environment which includes three priority areas: Environment and Resources Efficiency, Nature and Biodiversity, Environmental Governance and Information
  • The Sub-programme for  Climate Action which includes three priority areas: Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adpatation, Climate Governance and Information


The whole text of the LIFE regulation, as well as the information regarding single sub-programmes, are available on the European Commission website

Life Programme 2014-2020 [1.27 MB]

The access page to the LIFE programme also contains a database with all the projects financed from 1992 to today

Life HelpSoil project is financed by the LIFE+ programme (2007-2013) with regard to the line of intervention “LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governarce“.